3 vs 1 Competitive Sidescroller

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3 Runners, each armed with unique abilities, must team up and traverse a deadly plain filled with a variety of traps, created in real-time by an all-powerful God.

2-Player Horror RPG

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Strategically switch between two different versions of a world, one puzzling, and one dangerous, to escape the mysterious mansion.

A Cooperative Variation of Pong (Prototype)

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Stretch your awareness, controlling two different paddles in two simultaneous games of Pong.

I play guitar in an acoustic folk duo with my good friend, Kurt. Visit our website and listen to our music.

Yellow (Coldplay Cover)

Blake & Layla


Blake & Layla


Blake & Layla

Off the Track

Blake, Zach, Susie, & Michael




Matt, Kurt, & Blake

GodFighter Game SoundTrack


I started swing dancing in 2014 at a place called Atomic Ballroom. Since then, I've regularly gone social dancing at least 3-4 nights a week, became Vice President of the Swing Club at UCI , choreographed small routines, taught classes, and travelled to Sweden for the world famous dance camp, Herräng. I've recently started competing and winning competitions.

Hello... my name is Blake and this is my personal website. I love to create things. I make games, music, and dance Lindy Hop in my free-time. Here is where I'll be posting my latest projects. Contact me at

Ever since I discovered Eric Johnson, I've loved playing the guitar. It's become a gateway to discovering and composing all different kinds of music. Check out my music page to hear what I've made, or go to current band's website to listen to my latest projects.

I grew up playing video games since I was 4 or 5 years old. From 2003 to 2007, my dad opened a game center/internet cafe, and as often as I could, I'd bring my friends to come play games like BF1942, Counter-Strike: Source, WarCraft 3, etc. Nowadays, I'll host LAN parties occasionally at college or whenever I come back home with friends and family.

Blake Thiessen